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We help horses help people by giving retired horses and ponies a forever home, caring for their needs, and offering equine-assisted programs for people in our community and visitors  

Welcome to Helping Horses

Wellness & Resilience

R & R with the Herd is a program offered by Helping Horses that incorporates horses as teaching partners to promote personal growth & learning. Participants work on life skills such as problem  solving, goal setting, communication, coping skills and leadership styles through experiential activities with the horses and ponies. 

Friends and Family Farm Days  

Farm Days with the Herd offered by Helping Horses is an opportunity for family and friends to experience farm time with horses:  grooming,  playing games in the arena, leading them on wooded trails, and seeing and tasting fresh produce available.    

Team Building Workshops 

Experiential team building and coaching workshops are offered by Unbridled Horizons ICF certified coach and equine facilitators, and the all star herd of horses at Helping Horses.  Horses are natural leadership teachers, and participants will develop deeper herd connections, enhanced leadership and communication skills, build confidence, and clarity on  personal and professional goals with the support of horses.

  • Communicate clearly
  • Set boundaries 
  • Improve teamwork 
  • Be assertive 
  • Take on responsibility
  • Connect
  • Trust
  • Increase presence
  • Manage stress 
  • Feel confident
  • Feel empowered
  • Develop Leadership skills
  • Problem solve 
  • Develop insights and clarity

Seeking grant and sponsorship opportunities for programming

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Phone: Brenda 218-820-6885

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